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"Totally awesome!"

"Perfect tan every time"

"Great Service, Great Tan"

"I LOVE this place"

"Number one for sure!"

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The testimontials below are excerpts from the Houston Citysearch website.

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Great Service
Posted by shelly_vill
I've paid $120 to get an airbrush tan at another spa and was not nearly as happy with the results as I was at Eclipse. The airbrush tan looks great! The staff is very professional and pleasant. Great tan, great price, great service....what else can I say?
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Posted by sharon2003
I absolutely love my tan from Eclipse. I alternate between the airbrush tan and the mist-on tan. I never thought I could get such a great fake tan, but the people at Eclipse know what they're doing. Great salon!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Perfect tan every time
Posted by markgor
Eclipse is great! I get airbrush tanned there about every two weeks and it comes out perfect every time. The tan looks real and natural and lasts me for almost 2 weeks. I'm totally satisfied and will always have a tan now!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Coolest Salon!
Posted by cammac
Eclipse is the best tanning place in Houston. The atmosphere is really cool inside. The sunless tanning works great. I'm not about to turn myself into shoe leather, so this place is a great alternative to tanning in coffins. The tan looks great and the people that work there are really nice. Not like getting sprayed with the water cannon like at a couple of other places i've tried. Nice and even tan and not soaking wet....just a real fine mist. The best by far!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Totally Awesome!
Posted by kfreitag
I have been going to this little salon in Montrose for about a year and a half. I've always done the mist-on booth, but now that they've started the airbrush tanning, I've done it a couple of times. I really love both. The airbrush is great for special occasions and the mist-on booth is great for just everyday color. I'm hooked on both now! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They've always been very happy to work with my schedule which can be a little hectic. I can't say enough good things about this place!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Found my tan!
Posted by hmr1960
After trying everybody else in town, I finally found the place that makes me glow! Natural looking and applied with skilled hands I looked perfect for a week! I would recommend this place to anyone seeking glowing results without using harmful rays.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Great Tan, but Have Suggestions
Posted by maryjane01
Scott did a great job on my tan--it is very realistic looking. My advice to first-timers is to make sure that you let it dry completely before touching anything. Don't argue with Scott when he puts less bronzer on your hands and feet--he's right!!! Scott e-mailed me the next morning to make sure everything was okay with my tan. Very professional. Bring *really* loose clothes--plan to go home afterwards.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Consistently Good
Posted by anniefranklin
I've been going to this salon for over a year. I've already done the airbrush three times and the miston booth countless times. The airbrush is definitely great for special occasions....weddings, vacations, parties. I have been completely satisfied every time. The one time that I accidentally got wet too early and messed up one of my arms, they touched me up the next day - gratis. No one ever knew but me. I still love the miston machine for just weekly color.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Airbrush worked great for me!
Posted by ally3
I too went to Eclipse before going on a cruise. I followed the instructions of exfoliating my skin and not wearing makeup or moisturizer to get the tan. Mine turned out incredibly. It lasted pretty much the whole time I was on the cruise and maybe a little after. I moisturized every day like I was told and that really must help. I have another trip coming up in a few weeks. I'll be back again for sure before that trip. Nothing but raves here!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Great Service, Great tan
Posted by lizmont2
I was one of the first airbrush customers when they started it several months ago and even on the first time, I was amazed with how thorough and even my tan was. Of course, I exfoliate before I get the treatment and remove my make-up. With my skin clean and clear of impurities, the tan goes on so smooth and even. I was referred by a friend who did it even before me. We both are sold on it. Much less expensive than some of the spas in town, and doesn't require hours of being shuffled through their system. We're both hooked. I'm recommending it to my daughter who's getting married this year.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Wonderful Salon!
Posted by maryannlm
I can't say enough good things about Eclipse. It's wonderful! I'm in and out of there in 5 minutes every few days and the tan looks perfect. It took me a couple of tries to get it just right, but now I can't stop! They are so nice there too. I'm a very happy customer.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

I love this place
Posted by ben2k
I'm a very light skin hispanic and I like to have more of a tan, but I'm afraid to tan in tanning beds. This works out great. I get an instant tan that makes me look like I've been in the sun all week and it's totally even and looks real. I go about once a week in the summer so I can stay as dark as my girlfriend who is a lot darker than me. She really likes it too. And I feel that it's safe. Good place!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Beautiful Tan - Great Service
Posted by janet_w
Eclipse is the absolute best! This is the first sunless tan I've actually liked. Due to skin cancer I can't tan in the sun or beds (how I got the skin cancer!), so I really was hoping to find one that worked well. After trying several and being disappointed, this one's a winner! The tan looks even, the color looks natural, and it lasts for a week. I go about once a week or more on the unlimited plan which is a great deal! Thanks guys!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Number One for sure
Posted by m_benavides
I started going to Eclipse about a year ago and i'm addicted! The tan looks so real, and is so fast and easy. I got really sick of the tanning beds at other salons, and this is a great alternatvie. I feel it's much healthier and safe and it only takes me a few minutes to run in and do it on my way home from work. I've sent a bunch of my girlfriends there and they all love it too.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Spa treatment at a great price
Posted by yoga_chick
I have been getting airbrush tanned at a local spa who shall remain nameless. A friend told me she had it done at Eclipse for about 1/2 of what I was paying, so I gave it a try. I have to say, they are much more thorough, the tan looks much more natural, and the price allows me to do it more often. I really was surprised by the quality. I'm so glad they're offering the service now, they have a customer for life!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Incredibly realistic sunless tan
Posted by franconi
I've realized I can't afford to do any more sun damage to my skin and I'm certainly not going to get in one of those coffins for a tan, so I've been using the Mist on tanning at Eclipse. After I got the hang of it, it's so great. It only takes me 1 minute, I love it! It looks just like a real tan - not orange and not streaky. My only problem is it's not permanent - but I guess they wouldn't make money that way! Just kidding Eclipse, y'all are the best! Thanks for offering such a great service to Houstonians...
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Experience in a Tanning Salon
Posted by cfarnham
Eclipse is the greatest. They opened early for me because I was leaving town. I usually do the mist-on tan there that is soooooo much better than mystic tan or those darque tan showers! This time, since I was leaving on a trip, I did the airbrush tan and I was amazed how good it came out. It doesn't smell like other salons spray tan, and it looked so real! I can't thank them enough for their thoughtfulness!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Posted by joneskim
I've tried the other places in town that offer sunless tanning as well as UV tanning. Let me say, they should stick to the UV tanning. Eclipse does only sunless tanning, and when I found that out, I had to try it. What a difference! Their machine actually works, and they're not constantly out of fluid! The mist on tan is the best one out there. The employees were very knowledgeable and helpful too. I guess it's because they actually use their product! Kudos to a great salon!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Awesome place
Posted by eddyb
This is the coolest process ever! It works great. I'll never tan in beds again, and I won't make the mistake of going to one of those really bad sunless booths like mystic tan and the hose down machine at DT - yikes! The folks there were super helpful and the salon was very clean and bright! No comparison at all. Pros: perfect tan, clean, nice staff
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Perfect Tan!
Posted by jeffster
I'm not a person who can tan normally, so I tried this place based on the recommendation of a couple of friends who are regulars there. I've been very pleased with the results! The tan looks perfect and lasts for a good long while. And on the unlimited program, I can go as often as I like! What a deal! Pros: Great Tan, Clean, Inexpensive
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Posted by simpson5
I've been using the Mist On machine at Eclipse for a while, but this week I got the airbrush tan. My tan has never looked better! In 30 minutes I went from a milky white to looking like I just stepped off the plane from a Carribbean getaway! (Actually, I was checking it out before I do go on one.) The whole process was a pleasure, the technician was extremely professional, and I was made to feel very comfortable. The tan is amazing - and it's about 4 days old now. I'll definitely be doing this again before my trip. And I'm going to make my husband do it, too!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Excellent, Healthy Value!
Posted by lucky77009
The advent of sunless tanning is a dermatologists dream. The benefit of healthy looking bronze skin without the fear of cancer causing carcinogens is a legitimate lifesaver; especially for those of us with active/athletic lifestyles striving to look fit and younger in this youth obsessed culture. The health benefits, coupled with the knowledgeable and attentive staff, keep me coming back!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Ready for Mardi Gras
Posted by jennifer_y
I wanted to get an airbrush tan before I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. A friend recommended Eclipse, so I gave it a try. I could not be more pleased with the results. My only problem is that it's not permanent! The tan looks great and they were very accommodating. I had problems making my appointment and they were able to work me in during a busy time, thankfully. I will be going back as soon as this one fades... Great place!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

OMG - Great!
Posted by
I just did the airbrush tan there a couple of days ago. I'm amazed. It looks so even, and such a realistic color! I will definitely be going back. I did this for an event, but I think now I'll just do it all the time because it looks so good! They made me feel very comfortable, too (although the spray's a little cold!) I would recommend to anyone who needs to get a tan and doesn't want to lay in a bed for several weeks... Much less costly than any of the spas I found, too.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Pale to Bronze!!!
Posted by mary_d
I'm super pale and went to Eclipse yesterday and got airbrushed by Scott. I swear, I came out looking like J-Lo! (Well, not everywhere, but at least the tan.) I had no idea the airbrush tanning was so good. My boyfriend hardly recognized me. I'll definitely be doing it before my wedding in a couple of months. But I think I'm already addicted. Super nice guy, too....we couldn't stop laughing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Posted by shari_b
I had heard about this place from several friends and their TV commercials. I wanted to get my whole bridal party to do it before my wedding. They were SO nice and worked so much to acommodate us! Everyone LOVED their tan, and most of us ended up going back and getting packages. This is SO much better than the other spray tans me and my friends have tried. I've already sent several more friends's the best!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Great Tan
Posted by rbw2300
I just moved to Houston and was happy to find there's a sunless tanning place here. I've been using it in Chicago and I love it. This place was really nice and cheaper than my old one! Great work, guys! Rob
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Perfect tan!
Posted by siobahna
I've been using self tanners for a while, but never could get "great" results. This makes it so easy! And it comes out so even and a great color. I love it. Anyone with fair skin or who cares about their skin should do this! I found the prices to be pretty reasonable too.... And, Scott, you're a cutie! LOVE IT!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Posted by cherribear
I just started tanning here a few weeks ago. It rocks! I love the tan. It looks so real and natural and it's super super easy! ONE minute!!! The people there were really nice and helpful, too. I give it an A+!!! Pros: Fast, Easy, Convenient
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Posted by jmonsieur
I found out about this place from a friend who's a regular there. I didn't know he was doing it, I just thought he had a good tan...then he stopped in to do it and we were there less than 5 minutes! I signed up the next day. Really helps point out muscle definition and give you more of a toned, cut look. Very clean too! Thanks guys!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

This one works great!
Posted by martyparty
I went here the first time a few months ago and loved it. Then, I tried a different machine at Darque Tan and one at Christiana's. I will NEVER leave this place again! The other ones did either nothing or a horrible job. If you want to get a natural-looking, even tan this is the only place in town to go! Save yourself the trouble, I made the mistake of going somewhere else and I won't repeat that!!! I got the unlimited package - by far the best deal. Great tan, nice workers, clean place!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

So Easy!
Posted by sandy1818
This is the coolest place ever! I love it! I'm one of those pale people who can never tan. And I'm deathly afraid of skin cancer and tanning beds. I've tried other spray on tans and they didn't look like this one. This is the best I've found. The color looks very natural and lasts a whole week for me. Next I wanna get a massage there!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Tanning the easy way
Posted by onvacation
The process is very easy and was just like going through a human carwash. The results were fantastic and I don't have to worry about what I am doing to my skin because it is completely safe.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

There is no alternative!!
Posted by dhollier
For those fair skinned folks who still want to look as if you have spent some time in the sun with a healthy glow, this is the place for you!!! After spending close to 4 years in tanning beds and being diagnosed with skin cancer, Eclipse provides me with all the color and warm glow, with ease, little expense and is NOT harmful to your skin.. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and can and will answer any question you might have. And dont be afraid of the color outcome. Even for me, who is extremely fair, the color was natural and can be intensified as you like ABFAB!!!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

The following are email testimonials we have received:

Thanks for the great tan. I will continue to get my fat a** sprayed. I was told all weekend that I look so much better with color.
Thanks, Melanie

Love it! looks Great! See you in a couple of weeks!

I purchased the airbrush tanning service. The location is in a nice location and easy to find. The staff is very helpful and very professional. I have already been back once and plan to go again. I do not think you could beat the price and the professionalism with which the tanning solution was applied. I had it done before my trip to Hawaii so I wouldnít stick out like a sore thumb! I had it applied again upon my return, because I wasnít ready to lose that vacation feeling!
Thanks!!! Marci

I used the airbrush service. Very professional and expertly done. I will be going back again. I made my appointment on-line and paid on-line. The appointment time was kept with no waiting. Thank you very much for a good experience.

It turned out great and lasted most of my vacation--I would definitely do it again, especially if I am going away.

Loved it!!! I had many compliments! I had no streaks...even tan all over! I was amazed to see how many people had not heard about it - but are definitely interested in it now...especially pregnant you reccommend it for them - any precautions? I think by the 4th day it looked the best - and i agree that you should keep lines so you can judge your tan day by day. Hope this helps :-) Thanks again Scott!!! See you next time!

I am very pleased with the air brush tan. You did just the right amount of color...a healthy tan look!!! My daughter wants to do it now...I guess we will see you in a couple weeks or so for the both of us!!! Thanks....

The airbrush tanning looks great (still!) I am very pleased with the results and got a ton of compliments. Of course, I told them all where I went! Absolutely no streaking and a completely even and real looking tan! I definitely will return in the future! You were very thorough and made me feel completely comfortable, which is a big plus!
Thanks again, Bridget

You did a great job. It was a great experience. The only thing no one understands is why I got airbrushed if Iím going to the beach. They suggest I work on my tan at the beach. What they donít know is that the airbrushing gives me more confidence to put on the bathing suit in the first place. I should be seeing you again in about two weeks.
Regards, Juanita

Hi Scott! How are you? I am definitely coming back for some airbrushing- and some wine and good company :) I have a few questions though, and I guess I can ask when I come in. Also, I think I should buy a package... but what if I want to alternate misting and airbrushing? Hope you are doing awesome, write me back!!

I LOVE my airbrush tan!! For me, I think it is something worth doing about 1/month in the summer, maybe with some mist-on tanning sessions in between airbrushing (or if you know of a better method?). I would recommend the airbrushing to anyone who wants an all-over tan ahead of a special occasion, etc. I plan to visit you again soon to purchase a mist-on package -- Thanks & regards,
Marybeth S..

The airbrush tan was the best idea I have acted on in years.. it looked perfect, photographed perfect, all of it.. you guys were terrific.. thank you thank you thank you.. i appreciate it and will bring EVERY one of the guys I shoot and need a tan..
thanks steve

Got my first compliment this morning. Great job. I am one satisfied customer and will be back to se you soon. Bill and I just laughed and laughed last night because I would not go out with him to have a drink. I wanted my tan to be perfect this morning so I did not take a shower till then and it did turn out GREAT. Definitely will recommend you to friends. NOW IF YOU CAN JUST AIRBRUSH MY BODY LIKE THE MODEL ON YOUR WEB SITE I would really be happy.
Thanks again. Lester

Scott you are so sweet...i loved it my color was amazing maybe it had to do with 3 parties and two pool parties in three days. i still have been using the lotion i bought. the color on on my legs lasted a long time because i did exfoliate really good at my house... i will drop you a line when we can do it over....

It was great! The color came out perfect - not too much, not too little! I had fun doing it, and would definitely recommend it to friends. Now next time, I probably will rent a car to get there and do a little shopping on the return!
Thanks again. Kerrie

Everything was great. The pink dress looked great against my tan skin at the wedding. Everyone commented on how great they thought I looked. :)
Thanks again!

The sunless tanning worked wonderfully! You were very professional and it looks great. Thank you for everything! Erin LOVE IT!! Next time I may even go a little darker. I don't have any streaking or lines- it looks great. thanks! Kerry I love it! The color is wonderful. It is actually a little lighter today than it was last night--just right. Thanks again for all of the help. I will definitely be a regular during the summer season. :)


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