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Solar Retreat UV Beds

Platinum Level

The Platinum Level sunbed is our high-pressure pride and joy. From the oversized room to the opulent, ultra-wide sunbed, everything about your platinum experience is pure luxury.

Designed for the tanning connoisseur, the Platinum high-pressure sunbed is an amazing 65" wide (It's a wider than a queen-sized bed!), so you won't have any trouble unwinding or stretching out under it's 16 500-watt and 4 1000-watt facials. Oh, and there are 28 160-watt reflector bulbs lining the bottom of the sunbed. Did we mention the turbo body fan, turbo exhaust and external exhaust fans to keep you cool? The Platinum level sunbed almost makes you wish you could stay longer than its 15 minute maximum.

So what's the big deal with high-pressure sunbeds? High-pressure beds penetrate the skin slightly deeper, so your tan is more intense. Don't think you can get any darker? Try the Platinum level bed. And as an added bonus, the quartz lamps provide more UV-A light so you don't have to tan as often to get superior results.

Platinum memberships start at $69.99 per month and include unlimited tanning on every Platinum, Gold and Silver sunbed. Of course, you can buy sessions too!

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