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Mist-On Tanning (Booth)

With our UV-Free Mist-On System, you can get a beautiful, realistic, and safe tan in 60 seconds! We have the most advanced spray tan booth on the market and our customers really recognize the difference. That's why we've been voted Houston's Best!

Frequently Asked Questions Index

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What is a Mist-On Tan? It's a new way of applying sunless tanning solution to your body. It combines the latest advances in sunless tanning products with state-of-the-art misting technology. A very fine mist of sunless tanning solution covers your body in seconds. A bronzer gives you immediate golden-brown color, and DHA gives you a long-lasting tan. Plus, a high-quality moisturizer makes you skin feel soft and supple.

What's in it? All the components in the Mist-On Tanning solution can be found in high-end cosmetic products.

The key components are:
Bronzer basically food coloring.
DHA a natural fruit sugar (dihydroxyacetone) the active ingredient in most sunless tanning products.
Moisturizer we believe we have the finest moisturizer on the market, just ask our customers. It contains 25% aloe vera, vitamin E, alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and collagen amino acids.

What does the tan look like? The initial tan, which you observe in seconds, is a deep, dark brown. The initial color is from the bronzer, and most of it will wash off with your first bath or shower. The DHA tan, which peaks after 12 to 24 hours, is a golden-brown color.

How long does it take? The misting involves four passes of the misting column, each pass consisting of about 5 seconds of misting and a 5-7 seconds between each past to turn to the next position. You then step out and towel-buff (less than a minute). You can put your clothes back on immediately after towel buffing. Most customers are in-and-out of the Mist-On tanning room in 5 to 7 minutes, with most time spent changing into and out of clothes.

How long will it last? Our customers are reporting that the tan typically lasts 5 to 7 days. The bronzer gives you instant color. The color intensifies rapidly, practically doubling in the first 30 minutes. The intensity again more-or-less doubles overnight. The bronzer washes off with your first bath or shower, at that point your DHA tan has developed. The DHA tan begins to fade after about 48 hours, but you should have a distinct tan for 5 to 7 days.

How often do I need to do it? That's up to you. Once a week will give you color. Twice a week gets you quite dark. Some people want to be very dark, and do it even more often. We recommend you go twice your first week to get a base tan, and once or twice a week after that, depending on your preference.

Will I turn orange or streak? No, not at all. We've done over 15,000 tans at Eclipse Sunless Tanning and haven't had a single one come out orange! The Mist-On tan is the most advanced sunless-tanning method on the market. Sunless tanning has come a long way from those old QT days.

Is it safe? The Mist-On tan is a cosmetic. It uses the same basic sunless tanning components as the products being promoted as a smart alternative to UV-exposure. The main unique feature of this tan is the way it is applied - an automated misting process. The FDA recognizes DHA as a safe and effective external skin colorant, but recommends that the spray-tanner avoid inhaling or ingesting the solution, and avoid getting it in the eye area or on external mucous membranes.

Most tanners avoid this exposure by closing their eyes and holding their breath during the 5-second misting process that occurs each of the four passes of the misting column. You may open your eyes and breathe normally for the 5-7 second pause between each pass.

What if I do breathe or ingest it? There is nothing in the mist that should cause problems if you breathe or ingest it, especially considering the small quantity of solution involved. We have not had any reports of significant issues relating to ingestion or inhalation. Once again, we recommend that you hold your breath or wear a hair net during the misting process.

What if it does get in my eyes? We have not had any significant issues related to eye irritation. Nonetheless, we recommend that you close your eyes during the misting, especially since that will result in your eyelids getting tanned. If you have sensitive eyes, you may want to wear a hair net over you face during the misting process and tan your face after the session by dabbing residual solution on the hair net onto your face.

What about allergic reactions? If you have hypersensitive skin, or are allergic to sunless-tanning products, please proceed with caution.

What about my hair? Hair nets are provided, but are optional. The mist beads up on hair, but is not absorbed into hair, nor does it discolor hair.

Does it have the starchy odor? You may notice a slight starchy odor as you are being misted. Once you leave the Mist-On machine, you will not notice any smell.

Will it transfer to clothes? As with any other colored cosmetic, this product has the potential to transfer to clothing. While this occasional transfer is a nuisance, most of our customers have learned how to deal with it. In the vast majority of cases, transferred color washes right out. More stubborn cases may require dry cleaning. The most likely time for transfer is immediately after tanning. The bronzer in the solution can rub off on clothing until you take your first shower. After showering the bronzer is gone, and the DHA tan is in your skin.

Can I go twice in a row? Yes, but we don't recommend it, especially for your first time. While you do get much darker,you may be coated with more tanning solution than your body can absorb uniformly. You may be disappointed with the results, especially as the tan begins to wear off. If you want to intensify the tan, we recommend doing it again within one or two days.


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