Get and keep a beautiful golden tan year round. Our process is completely safe, UV free, absolutely private and takes only seconds. Even if you've been unable to tan in the past because of freckling, skin conditions, fair skin or safety concerns, you'll be able to safely get that great tan that will make you look and feel better. Mist-On Tan is a new way of applying sunless tanning solution to your body that combines the latest advances in sunless tanning solution with state-of-the-art misting technology.

We provide hairnets, make-up remover, barrier cream and towels. These provide protection for your hands, feet and hair. It is recommeded that you shower and exfoliate before your visit so that you are tanning new skin which allows your tan to last longer.

60 Second Tan:
It's like a human carwash! Step into the Mist-On Tanning booth, press a button and walk out 60 seconds later with a beautiful tan. You're sprayed with a fine mist of tanning solution, so fine that you're virtually dry when you step out. Simply buff off with a towel and you're on your way. A bronzer gives you an immediate golden brown color, and DHA gives you a long lasting tan. Plus, high quality moisturizer makes you skin feel soft. (More information contained on the Frequently Asked Questions page)

Blending and Buffing:

Towel buffing is important and it does not remove the tan. Buffing spreads around excess solution left on the body, particularly any beads of solution on the hair. It results in a uniform all-over tan.

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