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Airbrush Tanning

Eclipse Sunless Tanning now offers airbrush tanning. Your tan can be just like Hollywood stars on the red carpet!

We have state-of-the-art airbrushing equipment specifically desgined for tanning and we use the highest quality solutions. Since you are being sprayed by a person, you are assured an even tan and can choose a lighter or darker tan as well as some shading and tinting.

Frequently Asked Questions Index

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What do I wear? As much or as little as you're comfortable with. It just depends if you want tan lines or not. Our staff is completely professional.

What's in the solution? First, there is bronzer (food coloring) so that the technician can see where they're spraying. Secondly, the main ingredients are dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose, both naturally occurring fruit sugars which react with the amino acids in the top couple of layers of your skin to die them brown. Finally, there are high-end moisturizers to help preserve your tan and draw it deeper into your skin.

How long before I can shower or workout? We recommend you wait at least 8 hours before showering or working out to allow your tan to develop. Many people choose to wait until the next morning to shower - the longer you wait, the darker your tan will get and the longer it will last.

How long will my tan last? It should last 8-10 days. However, with proper moisturization, some people have reported longer durations.

Will swimming affect my tan? Recreational swimming (i.e. hopping in and out of the pool to cool down and just swimming around) will have little effect on your tan. If you swim laps everyday and are in the pool for extended periods of time, it will shorten the life of your tan. Highly chlorinated hot tubs will make your tan fade faster.

What if I'm getting a pedicure, or being waxed? It's best to do pedicure BEFORE your tan OR a DAY AFTER (once you've showered) otherwise, the pedicure may wash of some of the tan on your legs if you do it the same day as you tan. Any waxing should be done at least a day before your tan.

I have a "farmer tan", can you even it out? Most definitely, the tan is totally customizable so we can go heavier in some areas and lighter in others.

I don't want to get too much color, can I just get a light tan? Absolutely! Again, the color is totally customizable to be as light or as dark as you like.

Will the color rub off on clothes? Until you take a shower, you may see a little of the bronzer come off on clothes or sheets. If so, it's all water soluble and will wash out. Do, however, avoid leather, suede and silk - bronzer could stain these materials.

Is there an odor? No. We use the highest quality ingredients in our solution, so there is no detectable odor.

What if I discover a flaw in my tan? In the event that you find a flaw in your tan or accidentally spill something on it shortly after your session, we do touch-ups for free. Just try to come in within 48 hours so the touch-up will match your tan.

Can I get an airbrush tan as a walk-in? If you're very lucky. We bring on additional staff for the airbrush tans, so we generally work by appointment. Generally you can get an appointment on the same day or certainly the next day depending on your time flexibility. If you walk-in without an appointment, we may or may not have the available staff or the time slot to airbrush you. But if we can, we will!

Can I have the airbrush tan done at my home? Yes, we do outcalls. Call for pricing and availability.

How can I insure that my tan fades evenly? In general, just use either your normal moisturizer or our Tan Extender. In extreme cases of dry skin, some people find that shea butter or cocoa butter work great to maintain an even tan.


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