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Airbrush Tanning

Eclipse Sunless Tanning now offers airbrush tanning. Your tan can be just like Hollywood stars on the red carpet!

We have state-of-the-art airbrushing equipment specifically desgined for tanning and we use the highest quality solutions. Since you are being sprayed by a person, you are assured an even tan and can choose a lighter or darker tan as well as some shading and tinting.

How It Works

The airbrush tan is applied in two coats. The first coat is a light to medium color depending upon your starting skin color. After the first coat is applied, adjustments can then be made for the second coat to reach your desired level of darkness. You will then be sprayed with a moisturizing sealer to set your tan and make it last longer.

To prepare for your airbrush tan you will want to shower and exfoliate before your appointment and arrive at the salon with your skin clean and free of any moisturizers or lotions. If your schedule does not allow for that, we can spray you with an exfoliating spray that will clean your skin and bring it to the proper pH level to best absorb the color component.

The airbrush tan takes about 25-30 minutes to apply and requires an appointment. After your airbrush tan you must wait a minimum of eight hours before showering or working out.

Most people choose a full body tan, but you may also have just your legs done, or just your upper body (upper chest, neck, face and arms) for certain dress events.

If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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